Construction hoists up to 2000 kg / 4400 lbs

Construction Hoist 2000 kg
Absolutely first EUROPEAN construction hoist manufactured in India EVER. This construction hoist features european Quality and Know How and is produced in our local indian plant which enables its attractive price and local installation, support and after sales services.

This high quality and long durability construction hoist is produced in Vadadora (about 500 km from Mumbai)
Long life spand and very high durability of hoist and spares
Great spares availability thanks to local production
Quick service response
Local support and spare parts for drives and frequency inverter from Indian subsidiary
Very high Safety Standars for workers coming from Esquire´s customer policy
Periodical monthly based hoist inspections from independen national certified inspector
Fully manufactured in India
Load capacity 2000 kg / 4400 lbs
Rated speed 0 - 50 m/min 0 - 70 m/min 0 - 90 m/min
Variable frequency drive 55 kW 75 kW 90 kW
Drive motor power 3 x 9,2 kW 3 x 11 kW 3 x 15 kW
Nominal current 95 A 122 A 150 A
Main fuses 125 A 150 A 150 A
Max. lifting height 350m 
Car internal dimensions 1475 x 3200 mm
Car internal height 2450 mm
Power supply system 3 PEN - 50 Hz 400 V/TN-C-S
Mast section lenght 1508 mm


Construction Hoist 2000 kg