Construction hoists

Construction hoists are an efficient and safe means of transporting people and materials on a construction site. They helpincrease productivity and safety, thereby saving time and money. STROS hoists are highly regarded in the industry as quality equipment engineered and manufactured for reliability and longevity.

The company offers standard models as well as customized hoists to meet the specific requirements and needs of customers.


STROS hoists are engineered for ease of usereliabilityincreased safety, and long life span.  A key feature is that the hoists are manufactured utilizing only high tensile steel of European origin, providing superior reliability.  Another feature is that STROS hoists have a regenerative lowering device which extends brake life.

  • Made of European high quality tensile steel
  • Load capacities up to 4600 kg (9260 lbs)
  • Lifting heights in excess of 350 m (1150 ft)
  • Lifting height can be increased in jumps as the building increases in height
  • Cage width 1.5 m (5 ft) and lengths from 3.2 to 6 m (10’-3” to 23’-6”)
  • Driven by powerful motors mounted inside or above the cage
  • High speed hoist models available with speeds of up to 100 m/min (330 fpm)
  • Fabricated from European “high tensile” strength steel
Load capacity 600 - 3200 kg | 1320 - 7000 lbs
Rated speed 0 - 100 m/min | 0 -330 FPM 
Max. lifting height 350 m | 1500 ft
Cage internal dimesions
2 - 4,2 x 1,5 x 2,45 - 2,53 m
 6´7´´- 13´9 3/4´´ x 5´ x 8´0 1/2´´- 8´4´´
Motor control DOL / FC
No. of motors 1 - 3
Safety device type KZ3A / KZ3B / KZ5
Power supply range
3PEN 50 Hz 400V/TN-C-S
3PEN 60 HZ 480 V/TN-C
Type of mast Tubular steel with integrated rack
Lenght of mast selection 1508 mm
Weight of mast selection, 1 rack 125 - 190 kg
Rack module 8
To maximize safety, STROS hoists are equipped with:
motor brakes
mechanical safety device
limit and safety switches
and multiple electrical safety redundancies
Our construction hoists achieve world-class and reliable safety features in most countries. The best technology and materials, superior performance and unique possibility of individual solutions are invaluable factors that ensure excellent working conditions.

Our construction hoists are equiped with:
mast parts
limit and safety switches
and other equipment (specific equipment depends on the specifics of the hoist)
For our construction hoists the following security features are commonly used: safety device KZ3, KZ5 with limit switch - the entire safety device structure is the result of our own development with TÜV certification.

Hoist Components

Components typically supplied with our hoists include mast sections, wall ties, cable trolley, base enclosure, and landing gates with configurations customized to client specifications.