Facilities Coordinator

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Coordinates service and maintenance for the facility. Ensures compliance with all local and national and requirements. Coordinates with supervisors, managers, and employees at all levels to ensure commonality of purpose and direction. Acts as a backup in the absence of the Manager, and Maintenance Coordinator for day to day activities.

Essential Functions:
  • Works with all outside vendors and contractors in regards to building/equipment repair and projects
  • Assists in scheduling departmental support of outside contractors/vendors to finish projects in a timely manner.
  • Coordinates all facility inspections and facility/maintenance safety programs.
  • Oversees all maintenance and operation of the fire protection system.  Sets up and documents site inspections including fire pumps, extinguishers, and alarms.  
  • Coordinates removal of facilities waste, recycling, and schedule management.
  • Coordinates with engineering the installation and removal of equipment for the facility.  Interfaces with engineering on modifications and/or changes to packaging, distribution, and facility configuration.
  • Coordinates all material handling equipment needs.
  • Oversees Company’s Computerized Maintenance Mechanic System (CMMS) system. Assigns and distributes facilities work orders and PM’S.
  • Assists Manager in identifying and reporting problems or concerns relating to job functions and safety. Coordinates department employees activities/projects, set priorities, maintains efficient work order flow and timely service to customers.  Coordinates any facility issues between shifts.
  • Leads employees in the absence of the Manager and oversee the department for smooth operation and timely service to customers.
  • Perform other assignments related to the maintenance/facilities department as directed. 
General Job Requirements:
  • Works scheduled holidays in order to maintain service levels for customers.
  • As business needs dictates, works extended hours to complete daily department goals or tasks.
  • Works scheduled hours and is ready to work at scheduled start times, notifies Supervisor prior to absence or tardiness in accordance with company policy.
  • Immediately informs Supervisor/Manager of safety, sanitation and equipment malfunctions, and concerns regarding quality issues.
  • Adheres to Standard Operating Procedures and Regulatory requirements
Work Environment
  • Noisy conditions 25-50%
  • Dusty conditions <25%
  • Hot or humid conditions 
  • Exposure to extreme/seasonal temperatures >75%
  • Wet conditions <25%
  • Exposure to chemicals or solvents <25%
  • Work near moving mechanical parts >75%
Physical Demands: Time spent in the following Physical Activities
  • Standing - 50-75%
  • Walking - 50-75%
  • Sitting, Twisting, Reading overhead, Crouching, Kneeling, Stooping, Bending, Climbing <25%
  • Hand/eye coordination, Grasping/pinching, Finger/wrist dexterity - > 75%
  • Lifting up to 15 kg
  • High School Diploma/GED and completion of an approved apprenticeship program required; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Associates degree preferred 
  • 10+ years’ experience in manufacture and/or mechanical field and/or related fields required or completion of an apprenticeship program
  • Experience with inspections, fire suppression systems required

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